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Periodic Review Oversight Committee

2017 - 2018 Membership

Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost  Gregg Camfield (co-chair)

Interim Vice Chancellor for Planning and Budget  Veronica Mendez

Interim Vice Chancellor for Business and Administrative Services  Brian K. Powell

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs  Charles Nies

Vice Chair, Division Council of the Academic Senate (co-chair) & Committee on Academic Planning and Resource Allocation Representative  Kurt Schnier

Vice Chair, Graduate Council  Leroy Westerling

Vice Chair, Committee on Research  Roummel Marcia

Vice Chair, Faculty Welfare and Academic Freedom  Virginia Adan Lifante 

Vice Chair, Diversity and Equity  Wei-Chun Chin

Vice Chair, Undergraduate Council  TBD

Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Education  Marjorie Zatz

Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education  Elizabeth Whitt

Director of the Office of Periodic Review, Assesment and Accreditation Support (OPRAAS)  TBD