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Academic Affairs Financial Support Services

This resource outlines the steps needed to complete the services that we will offer. Some of these services include assistance with: direct retros, fund changes, budget request, ITFs, and cost transfers. The steps below break down which forms will be needed and provides clear instructions for completion. Please send all requests to the following email:

Direct Retro

To request a realignment of earnings that have already posted, please provide the following:

1. Justfication
2. UCPath Cognos DOPE Report (please only provide the lines that need to be corrected)
3. Correct COA
4. Fund approver name (if on grant funding, please provide RA name)


Fund Change

To request a fund change for a position, please provide the following:

1. Justfication
2. Effective date*
3. End date (if applicable)
4. COA
5. Fund approver
*Change of funding source is PROSPECTIVE. If you need to correct previously posted earnings, please request a direct retro.


Budget Request (GL Only Projects)

AAFSS will enter the budget request (transfer of funds) into UCMPlan for GL Only Projects:

To request a budget request, please download the budget request template* and fill out the following information in the appropriate tab (AB or MY):
1. Explanation
2. Effective date
3. Source
4. Target
5. Amounts ($)
*Please find the budget request template here: Budget Request Template


Cost Transfer

A Cost Transfer is a technical service for the facilitation of expenditure transfers in the General Ledger. To request a cost transfer, please provide the following:
1. Justfication
2. GL Transaction Report (please highlight the rows in the GL Transaction Report that are
included in the Cost Transfer request)
3. Debit and credit COAs
4. Debit and credit amounts ($)


Intercampus Transfer of Funds (ITF)

To request an outgoing ITF (funds moving from UCM to another campus or UCOP), please provide the following:
1. Explana<on for the fund transfer
2. Campuses involved in the transfer (e.g. UCM Transfer to UCLA)
3. Amount ($)
4. UCM expense COA
5. UCM revenue COA
6. Receiving campus contact information (email address). AAFSS will reach out to the
receiving campus for their expense and revenue chart strings, and any other information
needed for the ITF.
7. Backup documenta<on (e.g. award letter, approvals, etc.)


Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact the Academic Affairs Financial Support Services at